the genesis

Sumano aims to revive the traditional women’s crafts of Moroccan tribes, notably rural pottery from the Rif region, the art of weaving and vegetable dyeing. Its goal is to preserve and promote ancestral practices by creating more visibility around these original pieces. The name Sumano is a tribute to the women artisans; the grand-mothers of the project’s founders.

Sumano has the mission of introducing and preserving the exceptional savoir-faire of female weavers in the Anti-Atlas region and pottery makers in northern Morocco. These artisans perpetuate the creation of an ancient type of pottery dating back 6,000 years BC, using techniques and patterns that are very similar to those originally used. This knowledge is transmitted from mother to daughter, as guardians of the tradition.

Sumano is a laboratory for creative exchange, in which tradition blends with contemporary techniques, sources of new savoir-faire. Clay and natural dyes are seen as an expressive and creative medium, opening up infinite possibilities. By selling unique pieces that are entirely handmade and by donating a part of profits to these communities, Sumano is committed to a vast project for safeguarding a unique cultural heritage.

our manifesto

our engagements are pretty simple :

  • Artisans are the faces of sumano. They use sustainable practices in their production. We want to spread and preserve their knowledge, work and cultural traditions around the world.
  • We were so amazed by their life and personality that we want you to spend time with them, learn and pass on their techniques in order to create a real exchange, to break those cultural barriers.
  • We want to create development pathways for them. We sell their crafts in selected stores and a part of the profits goes to them or their communities.