the genesis

We all have the same feelings when we speak to older generations: in many ways, the past seems better and more intense than the present. There was a strong sense of community, and life was mostly lived in the moment. Products were made with great care and artisanship, built for durability and longevity. Time itself had its own inherent value.

Through a number of fascinating journeys, we discovered that this era is not over. Some artisans continue to create beautiful objects with incredible passion and devotion, following a tradition passed on from generation to generation. Sadly, we learned that those traditions are in danger of disappearing for various reasons. So we came up with an idea. As a tribute to our three grandmothers (SUzanne, MAnuela and NOuky), we created sumano in order to share our vision and bring these extraordinary artisans and their crafts to the attention of the outside world.

In these traditional artisan products, we see a reflection of our grandmothers’ spirit. Like them, they celebrate a culture’s history in producing timeless and unique pieces, each of which comes with a backstory that we would like to share with you.

the manifesto

our engagements are pretty simple :