khabia reptile jar

€ 450,00 EUR

- Handbuilt jar
- made of clay collected from the potter's surroundings.
- decorative motifs painted with a goat hair brush made by the potter to apply natural pigments.
- made in the Moroccan Rif mountains.

Approximate measurements: 34 x 29 x 40 cm

Edition of 11.

Variation is to be expected, each piece differs in color, size, shape and decorations due to its handmade nature. sumano is about simplicity, imperfections, and embracing the "flaws".

Each piece is fired in an open fire, which makes unexpected and surprising results, including smoke marks on some pieces. This means that each piece is one of a kind and cannot be duplicated.

- Do not pour water inside

The ceramics are not glazed. We advise you to keep it as a decorative object if you want to conserve the original aspect. Please note that our pieces are not food safe.


Raja learned the craft from her mother. Her sister, Fatima, and her neighbor, Malika, help her with the clay work and decoration of the ceramics, while Raja has mainly specialized in modeling the pieces. Raja lives with her three children under precarious conditions.

In the past, the jars she produced were used for storage and to keep the water cool, but after the arrival of electricity in the village and cheap plastic products in the souks, the demand for Raja’s products is dwindling.

secured delivery

Pottery and transportation can be challenging. So in order to make sure that the pottery that you receive arrives safe and sound, we have tested multiple methods and selected the most secure for your peace of mind.


Because we care about Mother Earth and we love the idea of reusing the packaging, we decided to work with local artisans and have them make baskets for each pottery piece. Made from local dwarf palm and cane, they are their perfect partner.

We try our best to have 100% sustainable packaging but it seems that we cannot yet pass on plastic bubble wrap. Please send us tips if you have found any alternative.