tafrant throw

Feija tribe
€ 550,00 EUR

- Handspun and handwoven throw
- 100% Siroua wool (an endangered sheep living in a volcanic massif with very long wool fibers )
- decorative motifs painted by hand with henna paste and several tinctorial plants
- made in the Anti-Atlas region
- the design of this throw is not a traditional pattern, It is directly inspired by their surroundings.

Approximate measurements: 160 x 220 cm


Variation is to be expected, each piece differs in color, size, shape and decorations due to its handmade nature and natural dyes. sumano is about simplicity, imperfections, and embracing the "flaws".

Hand wash cold with wool detergent only when really necessary.

Feija tribe

This village is landlocked in the mountains of the Moroccan Anti-Atlas, until the early 2000s, it was accessible only on foot or accompanied by mules. The architecture of their typical houses is entirely made of local stones. The village is mostly inhabited by women,  the lack of work force men to leave for bigger big cities.

Two cooperatives and more than 45 Berber women work in this tribal territory. Women weavers go on keeping this ancestral savoir-faire alive as the veil is still used for wedding ceremonies.

secured delivery

Pottery and transportation can be challenging. So in order to make sure that the pottery that you receive arrives safe and sound, we have tested multiple methods and selected the most secure for your peace of mind.


Because we care about Mother Earth and we love the idea of reusing the packaging, we decided to work with local artisans and have them make baskets for each pottery piece. Made from local dwarf palm and cane, they are their perfect partner.

We try our best to have 100% sustainable packaging but it seems that we cannot yet pass on plastic bubble wrap. Please send us tips if you have found any alternative.